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I am a Contract/Project Specialist.
Why do I want to work through an agency?

When working on contract, many consultants work directly for the client. This presents several time consuming legal and billing challenges. Agencies are a buffer between the consultant and the client. We ensure that the contractor is paid regularly, (many clients pay in 30-45 days - TES pays every 2 weeks). Additionally, clients are not always knowledgeable as to what has to be deducted from a contractor's hourly wage:
  • Some contractors, who are incorporated, have no deductions.
  • Sole proprietors have their E.I. and C.P.P. deducted.
  • WSIB (Workers Safety Insurance Board) premiums may have to be remitted on behalf of the contractor, protecting both the contractor and the client should an accident occur.
  • Direct contractors must get their own coverage, and are not covered by the client.

At TES, we have experience navigating through the legalities and deductions - so you can concentrate on doing your job.

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